Develop small group leaders and engage parents in two hours a week.


A step-by-step guide to engaging parents and developing small groups leaders in 2 hours a week.

“Go Weekly provides the road map to help every ministry leader win each week. You’ll get advice from leaders around the country to help lift the lid off your creative box. Weekly checklists will help guide you to what’s most important each week for your ministry, and Go weekly will help you find a rhythm within ministry to help turn Sunday afternoon car rides into a more satisfying and rewarding experience.”

Terry Scalzitti

Lead Pastor at Ocean View Baptist Church


Each week, we’ll give you a simple,
check-able to do list that includes…

Social Media

We make the posts, you just post them! We send you tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram images each week to help engage your parents and small group leaders every week.


Pre-loaded, graphically designed emails with really great content (all customizable—of course) to send to your parents and small group leaders every week.


We’ll give you a short e-book every month that takes a ministry topic and goes even deeper.


Every month we’ll feature a short video introducing you to the ministry topic we’re focusing on.


Got questions about the topic of the month? Submit them and we’ll do the work of finding answers and suggestions from amazing church leaders!


Every month we’ll send you editable resources like graphics kits, conversation guides for parents and small group leaders, Volunteer Orientation Kits, Small Group Leader goals, Hangtime Ideas for Parents, and TONS more.

Our Contributors:


“I love ministry resources. But what I love more are resources that aren’t an end product. Stuff like WEEKLY is an engagement in the most important and vital part of our ministry to teenagers—relationship with God and with their families.”

Brooklyn Lindsay

Author & Youth Pastor


A brand new tool you can customize for your small group leaders.

The Lead Small App is updated daily and weekly with tons of helpful content, like hand-selected resources for Small Group Leaders and Orange curriculum.

But, if you want to get rid of our stuff and fill it up with your own . . . that’s cool, too.

Edit, switch or start from scratch.

If you’re a leader of Small Group Leaders (or maybe a really ambitious Small Group Leader), buying a customization code will let you make the Lead Small App all your own.

Four ways to make it your own:


The perfect place to share updates and announcements with your Small Group Leaders. It’s kind of like a weekly email. But cooler. Because it’s in your very own app.


Give your Small Group Leaders a sneak peek at what you’ll be teaching each week. There’s a place for your weekly Big Idea, Bottom Line, Bible verse, summary, and even an image.


Want to edit the weekly curriculum we’ve provided? Cool. Want to swap it with something else? No problem. It’s easy to replace our Small Group guides with your own Small Group curriculum and discussion questions.


Small Group Leaders have a big job to do. So, give them some love with a weekly devotional that’s just for them. We’ve written some devotionals, but if you want to edit or create your own instead, go for it!

“It’s like having an extra staff member on your team. It’s that simple.”

Carey Nieuwhof

Author & Lead Pastor at Connexus Community Church

“No matter what curriculum you use go weekly will make you a better leader and make you look smarter.”

Jim Wideman

Author & Youth Pastor


Think of Weekly as your new personal assistant.
You’ll still need to get your own coffee, though.

Includes Lead Small Weekly, Parent Cue Weekly & Lead Small App Customization.

Questions? Contact us!


Q: Can I put my own church logo on the Weekly resources?
A: Absolutely! We want you to take the resources we provide and customize them so your ministry looks good!

Q: Do I need design programs to use your resources?
A: Nope – We’ll do all the design work for you and give you resources in .psds, .pdfs, and word docs. Design programs are always helpful, but we want to make this as simple for you as possible!

Q: Who exactly does Weekly train?
A: We create resources to help you, the church/ministry leader, train your people – small group leaders and parents. We even have some leadership training materials for your church staff! Talk about making your life easier!

Q: Can I use one Weekly account for the whole church?
A: Yes, yes you can! And you can add as many as 25 of your team to join you—from preschool ministers to high school pastors  (but only if you want to share.)

Q: Do I have to use Orange curriculum with my Weekly account?
A: Nope! We make everything customizable for whatever curriculum you use. If you do use Orange curriculum the resources are even more done-for-you but anytime a resource needs to include parts of the lesson it is customizable- so you can edit, switch, or start from scratch!

Q: Can I try it for free?
A: We don’t have a free trial but our subscription is no-strings-attached – you can cancel anytime! (Once the free resource page is up I think we mention that here too)

Q: What exactly is Weekly?
A: We like to say Weekly is your one-stop shop for everything you need to develop small group leaders and engage parents. It’s an online program that provides customizable, ready-to-use digital resources designed to cue parents and small group leaders every week. (You can print some of the resources, too, if that’s your thing.)