Each week we will give you a simple to-do list
(and all the resources you’ll need to do it)
that includes…

Social Media Plans
Social Media Plans

Every week, we give you two brand new social media plans—one for your parents and one for your small group leaders. Just schedule them out and engage with the most important people in your church!

Social Media Plans

Every week, you’ll get a new parent and a new small group leader e-mail template, already pre-populated with content you can send straight to your people! Edit, swap things around, or just press send!

Social Media Plans

Every month Weekly provides a short e-book so you can work on your ministry instead of in it. With topics like how to get small group leaders to come to your meetings to recruiting to how to partner with parents at every phase of their kid’s life, you’ll find practical ways to improve the structure of your ministry.

Social Media Plans

Did you know people are way more likely to watch a video than read a blog or e-mail? We make a brand new video every month for you to send to small group leaders that’s funny, encouraging, or informative.

Social Media Plans

Equip parents with an engaging, informative podcast they can listen to quickly on the way to soccer practice. The Parent Cue Live podcast is a great resource to send out to your parents every month.

Social Media Plans
And more

We create brand new practical resources every single month. Resources like conversation guides (on topics like technology, faith, bullying, and more) to help parents and small group leaders have better conversations. Or small group leader resources to help small group leaders become better at what they do every week. Along with graphic and event kits (like for volunteer kick off or promotion day), ongoing Phase resources (have you ever checked out Just a Phase?), and more. The practical resources you need when you need them.

And they’re all completely customizable.

FYI, our resources aren’t random. We strategically plan out each year’s scope and cycle, and we cue you to use each resource at specific times in order to best engage your parents and develop your SGLs all year long.

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