Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Weekly? »

A: Weekly is a digital strategy for your online platforms—twitter, facebook, youtube, and instagram. We'll implement the newest social media strategies so you can just schedule and watch your audience engage with you.

Q: Can I put my own church logo on the Weekly resources? »

A: Absolutely! We want you to take the resources we provide and customize them so your ministry looks good!

Q: Do I need design programs to use your resources? »

A: Nope – We’ll do all the design work for you and give you resources in .psds, .pdfs, and word docs. Design programs are always helpful, but we want to make this as simple for you as possible!

Q: Who exactly does Weekly train? »

A: We create resources to help you, the church/ministry leader, train your people – small group leaders and parents. We even have some leadership training materials for your church staff! Talk about making your life easier!

Q: Can I use one Weekly account for the whole church? »

A: Yes, yes you can! And you can add as many as 25 of your team to join you—from preschool ministers to high school pastors (but only if you want to share.)

Q: Do I have to use Orange curriculum with my Weekly account? »

A: Nope! If you use Orange curriculum, the resources are more compatible, but they can all by customized in order to accommodate whatever curriculum you use. So you can edit, switch, and even start from scratch!

Q: Can I try it for free? »

A: We don’t have a free trial but our subscription is no-strings-attached – you can cancel anytime!

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