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What is Weekly?

We want to help you be the digital genius at your church by providing social media and emails so that you can engage with small group leaders and parents every week. That’s where the name Weekly comes from. It’s about connecting with who we believe are the two biggest influences in a kid or teen’s life every week—parents and small group leaders. 

So what do I need to do every week?

Post to social media. Send emails. It’s that basic, but if you do that, you’ll be the digital hero of your church.

What if I’m new to developing a digital strategy for my church? Where do I start?

We’ve leaned into a few Digital Strategists, including Dave Adamson and Jon Acuff, to create the groundwork for what we provide in Weekly. Check out the Pro Tips videos to help you with the basics of social media and answer some questions you may have always wanted to know but didn’t know where to ask. Don’t see your question answered in the Pro Tips videos? We’ll be updating videos to this library on a consistent basis. Also you can use the contact us at the bottom of this page to send a question for future videos!

Is there any training offered to help me understand how to best use Weekly?

YES! You can sign up for one our Webinars. Also, in our Weekly FB Group, you can join with other subscribers and learn best practices. 

How often is the site updated?

Social media plans are available a month in advance. For example, the June social media plan will be available at the beginning of May. Once a month, we’ll also send a “What’s new in Weekly” email to all subscribers, letting you know when new social media plans, Pro Tips videos, and/or resources are available. Don’t see emails from us? Be sure to add to your contacts to keep our emails from landing in your Spam/Junk folder.

I see two different sets of social media plans and emails for small group leaders and parents. What’s the difference?

Weekly equips you with a digital strategy to train/encourage small group leaders and equip/inspire/encourage parents.

The social media plans, emails, and resources we create for small group leader training are part of our Lead Small brand. If you are using Orange curriculum, the content provided helps you prepare small group leaders for the upcoming lesson, along with additional ideas for leaders to connect with their few, training, and encouragement. (Want to know what the name means? Learn more about the book here.)

The social media plans, emails, and resources we create for parents are part of our Parent Cue brand. If you are using Orange curriculum, the content provided helps parents review the last lesson taught, along with additional content to inspire, encourage, and equip parents. (For more about Parent Cue, visit

Can I connect to scheduling programs, like Hootsuite or Buffer, to the site?

Due to the complexities and every-changing nature of social media, we are not able to offer a connection/import function to scheduling sites like Hootsuite or Buffer at this time. However, we do recommend you utilize one of these free sites to copy and paste Weekly’s content and engage with your audience all month long.

Do I need to be an Orange Curriculum user to benefit from Weekly?

Not an Orange curriculum user? Not a problem! While the small group leader and parent emails will include curriculum specific information, they are also customizable. So you don’t have to use Orange curriculum user to benefit from them.

And our social media content for small group leaders and parents that is curriculum-specific is shown in Orange text. So you can choose to skip over it, or edit it to fit your church.

Can I share my Weekly account with other staff members at my church?

Yes! Weekly is a “family ministry” resource in that we offer emails and social media plans for every age group from Preschool to High School. So if you have staff members at your church that work with a specific age group in that range, you will want to give them access to your Weekly subscription. Sharing is caring!

To give other people within your organization access to this account, select TEAM from the menu at the top of the page, and invite a new user to join your account.