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Got a question? Not sure how something works? Wondering how to use a resource? Look through these frequently asked questions below!

Do you offer any training for Weekly?

We sure do! It’s called Weekly 101 and 201—live, online training sessions to help you navigate the Weekly website. To sign up on upcoming training sessions, click one of the following:

Where can I find a receipt?

Go to your Account and click on “Billing.” There are downloadable receipts there!

What resources do you offer for parents and small group leaders?

These are resources that go straight to your parents and small group leaders. We know your parents and volunteers don’t have a lot of free time, so we’ve created content that they can access on the go and on their smart phones. Each month we upload a new video for small group leaders. They are a few minutes long, and cast vision, train, or are just fun videos to send to your SGLs.

For parents we have a podcast that comes out every month that features leaders and parents like Reggie Joiner, Kristen Ivy, Jon Acuff, Kara Powell, and more! You’ll also see e-mails that come out each week—they are fully customizable so you can take our stuff out and put yours in! There’s a set that goes to your SGLs and a different set that goes to your parents.

What if they don’t check e-mail? We’ve also given you a social media plan each week (again, a set for parents and a set for SGLs.) Schedule these to go out a month as a time, and then watch your SGLs and parents engage with your content! We have tons more stuff for your parents and SGLs that you can check out in our Resource Library.

How does the weekly to do list work?

We know how important your time is, so every week we give you a short list with the most important things to do to engage your parents and develop your small group leaders. There’s one list on the Parent Cue side and one list on the Lead Small side. You can click the arrows to go back to a previous week! And once you accomplish each to do, go ahead and check it off your list! (Bonus- click the monthly tab to see the whole month at once, and click the yearly tab to see how we’re training you, parents, and small group leaders this year!)

What's in the Resource Library?

This is the treasure chest with everything we have offered in your To-Do list all in one place. There’s one page for the Parent Cue resources and one page for you Lead Small resources. Every month new resources are added to these pages, so keep checking back if you think you’ve missed something!

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