Quick Start

For Small Group Leaders

(These are recurring resources we create FOR SMALL GROUP LEADERS.)

E-mails for Small Group Leaders

What is it? Designed e-mail templates that are fully customizable and ready to send! Offered in MailChimp and HTML downloads.

Why do I need it? This is probably the primary way you communicate with small group leaders, so make it look good!

How do I use it? Download whichever version you’d like to use (for a Mailchimp tutorial click here!) and customize it to say what you want to say.

Social Media Plans for Small Group Leaders

What is it? Inspiring quotes, encouraging blog posts, and made-for-you images, planned out to develop small group leaders.

Why do I need it? Odds are the SGLs in your ministry are on some kind of social media, so meet them where they are and give them some things they need to know.

How do I use it? Just plug and play these plan into your platforms—facebook, twitter, instagram, whatever! You’ll probably need an account for your parents to follow and a different account for volunteers.

SGL Videos

What is it? These are informational, encouraging, funny, or training videos we’ve created for you to send straight to your small group leaders.

Why do I need it? Some people like to read information, but most people like to watch information. Give your SGLs some videos made just for them!

How do I use it? You can use these videos however it works best for your ministry—put them on your volunteer youtube channel, a volunteer website, include them on an e-mail, or put them on your social media channels like twitter or facebook!

SGL Goals

What is it? A list of 5 goals unique to each season of the year that help SGLs practice each of the Lead Small principles. (Not sure what those are? Click here!)

Why do I need it? In order to help SGLs get better at what they do, you’ve got to tell them how to do that! These lists will give your small group leaders expectations and practical ways to be the best SGL ever.

How do I use it? Each season, we’ll give you a new set of SGL goals that you can print and handout, post on social media, or attach to an e-mail. Get creative! (And share with us ways you’ve implemented the goals in our facebook group!)

SGL Calendar

What is it? Fun, customizable calendars where you can put your church’s important dates you want SGLs to remember.

Why do I need it? SGLs need to know far in advance if you’re planning something you’d like for them to attend. So, the sooner you can let them know what’s coming up, the better change you have of them showing up.

How do I use it? We’ll give you a few different version of this so anyone is able to customize—even if you have NO design background. Then e-mail them, post them, print them and hand them out. Make them available to the SGLs in your ministry however you can.

SGL Conversation Guides

What is it? These are short guides to help SGLs navigate what can be difficult conversations with the kids in their group by giving them a few words to say and a few not to say.

Why do I need it? Sometimes topics will get brought up in group, and an SGL will ask you for help in how to handle it. Now you have a practical resource you can hand to an SGL, approved by counselors, to help give them words.

How do I use it? Download these resources and make them available for SGLs. Maybe you create a place in your volunteer meeting room where they can browse the topics and always have access to it.