Each week we will give you a simple to-do list
(and all the resources you’ll need to do it)
that includes…

Social Media Plans
Social Media Plans

Every week, we give you two brand new social media plans—one for your parents and one for your small group leaders. Just schedule them out and engage with the most important people in your church!

Social Media Plans

Every week, you’ll get a new parent and a new small group leader e-mail template, already pre-populated with content you can send straight to your people! Edit, swap things around, or just press send!

Social Media Plans
Small Group Leader Resources

We want to help you train your small group leaders all year long! Every week, we give you new resources like SGL Goals or Conversation Guides so that you can engage with your leaders in relevant, intentional ways.

Social Media Plans

Did you know people are way more likely to watch a video than read a blog or e-mail? We make a brand new video every month for you to send to small group leaders that’s funny, encouraging, or informative.

Social Media Plans
Parent Resources

Parenting isn’t a one time thing, and neither is engaging the parents in your ministry. Every week, you’ll receive new parent resources from the Phase Project that speak to what’s going on mentally, emotionally, and developmentally at each phase of a kid’s life.

Social Media Plans

In addition to practical, seasonal resources—most of which are editable so that you can make them your own—we also provide you with a community of likeminded church leaders via our private Facebook group. And if you need personalized help, our team is standing by to answer your questions!

And they’re all completely customizable.

FYI, our resources aren’t random. We strategically plan out each year’s scope and cycle, and we cue you to use each resource at specific times in order to best engage your parents and develop your SGLs all year long.

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