Ready-to-use, customizable small group leader resources for your next gen/family ministry volunteers.

Simply put, we think a small group leader is “anyone who chooses to invest in the lives of a few to encourage authentic faith.”

SGLS Need To Be Trained

A Weekly Cue


Every year we’ll give you the resources you need to make an amazing volunteer kick off event!

A Seasonal Cue


Every season we’ll give you customizable SGL Goals, an SGL Video, Coffee Talk Questions, and SGL Appreciation Ideas.

A Yearly Cue


Every week, we’ll give you a new designed e-mail template filled with the information they’ll need for the next group time, social media plans so they can be encouraged and trained by you in the spots they are already looking, and the ability to customize the only app made just for small group leaders.

Plus more resources


Conversation Guides for tough topics that come up in group, Birthday Cards made specifically for you to give to your SGLs, SGL Applications, Interview Questions, Study Guides, and more!

Even More Help!…

We will give you the simple resources to use every week to give your leaders the tools and knowledge they need to be better small group leaders.

Even more help!